Exeter Undergraduate Crowned UK’s Horniest Student

Ben Stupples

Elina Desaine, a third year IT Business Management student, has been named the UK’s horniest student.

Having entered into Shag at Uni‘s nationwide competition, Elina Desaine, a third year IT Business Management student, has been crowned the UK’s horniest student.

Beating off hundreds of applicants to win the title, Desaine, 20, has won £500 cash, a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, a crate of alcohol and a year’s supply of condoms.


Elina posing for http://blog.shagatuni.com.

According to Shag at Uni, Desaine was “ecstatic” upon hearing the news she had won, describing it as “her proudest achievement to date.”

“I entered the competition after my friend saw it advertised by Shag at Uni online,” she said. “He told me that I was perfect for it as I have a huge reputation on campus for letting my hair down and having fun. Everyone should act like me!”


Elina’s list: ‘Marine Guy,’ ’3rd year’ and ‘Penny C guy,’ to name a few.

Quoted from Shag at Uni’s Facebook page, here is her winning entry for the competition:

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 16.32.19

Tom Thurlow, Shag at Uni creator, commented, “As soon as I saw Elina’s entry I knew we had a particularly wild girl on our hands. I love the fact she uses her position in the computer science club to have sex in the computer room.


The advertisement for the UK’s Horniest Student competition.

“She even told me how the computer science club is perfect because it’s full of guys! After meeting with Elina personally I am 100% confident I have found the horniest student in the country.”

Whilst at University of Exeter, Elina claims to have slept with sixteen different men – the older the better.


What Elina won by being named the UK’s Horniest Student.

“At Exeter we have this thing called ‘sharking,’ she says, “where older students prey on first year students and coax them into bed. I was sharked on three times in my first year and loved it!

“Older guys are much more experienced in the bedroom and definitely have more confidence. However, now that I’m a third year I’m definitely trying my hand at sharking and it’s a lot of fun!”

Has that hat been used in the bedroom, Elina?

Has that hat been used in the bedroom, Elina?

Desaine, who refers to herself as ‘Slutvian,’ moved to the UK from Latvia aged six. She has also nicknamed her university ‘Sexeter’.

To ensure she can have sex whenever she wants whilst at Exeter, Desaine told Shag at Uni that she currently has five or six sexual partners.


Elina bears and shares all for http://blog.shagatuni.com.

Quoted in the Mail Online, a University of Exeter spokesperson said: “We certainly don’t condone this sort of behaviour but our main concern at this time is for the student and the impact this may have on her over the long term.”


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    I know she wants it

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    Surely Jaz Sansoye is the real winner of this competition? Last I heard that cheeky diva was on shag no.79

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      Cheers. I’m on 96 now.

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    Amusing, she can make up some bullshit about shagging people and win a shit load of stuff. Wish I’d seen this earlier.

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    Her parents must be oh so proud

  • Purves Grandmartin.

    “Whilst at University of Exeter, Elina claims to have slept with sixteen different men”

    “I should be the UK’s horniest student because I have sex with at least 2 / 3 different people a week”

    Eh? So she must be a thrid year student who’s only been in Exeter for 8 weeks?

    • rosie

      she sleeps with 2/3 men a week not different men she has a sex list so she sleeps with those 16 men as part of her 2/3 men a week

      • Adam

        Read her quote. It clearly says ’2/3 DIFFERENT people a week’.

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          Well it can hardly be 2/3 of the same person.

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    Some of your comments are outragous your all so self rightouss…. this persons gonna read all these comments show some basic human level of compassion……….. Also you really should taken this article down could have extremely negative effects on persons life, seeing as she still goes to the uni

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  • The Real UK’s Horniest Student

    So did the competition atttempt to actually verify anything she said in her submission…?
    Would be interested to know if even a single part of what she said was legit.

    “I most definitely bone at least 15 different girls a week.”
    “Congratulations! Here’s a ton of free stuff!”

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    16 guys since uni? Sophie Heilbron does 35 a year.

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