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How to get your SSB rig: Lads’ edition

It’s peacock season and in order to stand out amongst the pigeons, you’re going to need your best tail feathers on show, or rather your best rigs


I got naked in front of 42 strangers for 20 quid

But it’s OK because it was for art

And last but not least, our seniors show us how it's really done.

Fashion In The Forum: Men’s Edition

This week we discover charity shop prints, statement pieces and a strange preference for cute cat videos.

Styled by: Toby
Toby’s preferred style on girls: Sporty and casual (top with leggings)
Toby’s favourite makeup trend: Natural, only mascara and lip gloss

Ever wondered what would happen if you let a boy dress you for a night out?

Well we went out and found out for you

In time of disaster, snapchat for help.

Students left horrified after ‘Day After Tomorrow’ flash floods

Where’s Noah when you need him?

Enchanted-8-540x360 (1)

The Enchanted Forest cancelled for second year in a row

Only 50 per cent of tickets sold for Halloween event


Fashion in the Forum: Women’s Edition

With the winter season soon approaching, the Forum has never looked so fashionable


The Undie Run: Another excuse to wear your underwear in public

This is pants


These are the best clubbers from the past two weeks

Depending on your definition of best

Helen’s tote looks great, using her tote to enhance her check shirt.

Are these the hottest bags on campus?

Whether it’s a tote, shopper or holdall; size really is everything.

Still unimpressed.

Binky ‘suspiciously’ postponed her night at TP and no one cared

Did anyone notice?