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How to get your SSB rig: Lads’ edition

It’s peacock season and in order to stand out amongst the pigeons, you’re going to need your best tail feathers on show, or rather your best rigs

We love the grey and pink combo in this outfit.

Women’s Fashion In The Forum

It’s getting cold! What are students in Exeter pulling out of their closets this week to help them stay warm?


Touch me: Tab tries touch rugby

We went along to meet the guys and girls of one of the most underrated sports on campus

Exeter Fashion Society random 2

Listen up lads, this is what girls think you should be wearing

Clue: it doesn’t involve shorts and flip-flops. Sorry


These freshers share their daily struggles with us


1391595_10153371221219988_4666063730325359061_n copy

Did you get lucky last night? Pullcam reveals all

You got with people, and we took photos

If you feel ill, get medical help immediately

Quit panicking about Ebola, meningitis is on the loose

Fresher is the first victim to fall with confirmed case of bacterial meningitis


Sexism on campus culture tackled by pioneering student

And the Guild want nothing to do with it


Get your essay referencing done in minutes with this free app

Stop worrying about whether you’re referencing correctly and do it this way instead


I got naked in front of 42 strangers for 20 quid

But it’s OK because it was for art

And last but not least, our seniors show us how it's really done.

Fashion In The Forum: Men’s Edition

This week we discover charity shop prints, statement pieces and a strange preference for cute cat videos.